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A small web agency.

We are a small, flexible web agency. We help companies and individuals organise their communication. We take care of information architecture, screen design, deploy. We can help develop your Content Marketing Strategy. We grow relationships with clients.

We design, produce & develop well thought user experiences. Like this slide shows and this book made into an offline ready web app.

New idea?

Lets talk about it.

Got new ideas you haven’t yet find time to develop?

Been procrastinating planning a proper Internet Presence for long? Do you need a new Design?

We design and develop. Contact us. Let’s start talking… Or just pick one of our quick Starter Packages!

Internet presence?

Let's leverage the new tools.

Today there are many Free Tools and Free Services to simplify our internet presence!

Many of them are already installed on our phones, maybe you just don’t know how to make them work for you yet…

We can show you how and help pick the most clever ones out of the overwhelming offer and specs.

We have packed a few ready-to-go solutions.
To kickstart your internet presence we offer 3 packages to get you quickly public.


Makes life easier.

Need an helping hand?

The Creative Process can indeed be overwhelming. The Adjacent Possible is not easy to spot. Are you having difficulties figuring it all out on your own? We can help. We offer Guidance.

We have been managing creative processes in the marketing communication field for more than 25 years.

We can show you shortcuts and the best path to take. We have been helping small companies for many years.

In this fast changing world it’s all about how quickly you can produce well thought solutions.

Who are we?

A network of dedicated experts.

We are an extended network of carefully selected business partners, working on a per-project basis.

Junglestar Agency is Rokma’s brainchild. Explore his portfolio of expertise.

We ♡ Open source

The power of an open community.

We believe open-source is the way to go. See how we code on Github and Codepen.

Check some SVG icons we designed: The Noun Project.