Phones era

Today more than 60% of internet traffic originates from mobile devices. To reach these customers you need a phone-friendly responsive website.

It’s an information jungle and your business needs to offer well thought user experiences and you want to collect data from it. User expect websites to be easy to understand.

We offer guidance. Someone that can empower you with modern open source software. And show you how easily you can become productive with it.

Today you don't buy software

Today you pay a developer who can code components together to craft the customer experience your business needs.

Flexible enough to help you leverage free or freemium services, abundant online today.

We bundled all tech needed for amazing website in 3 packages to get you quickly started.

From plan to working product.

At Junglestar we make websites and simple web-apps that work on mobile phones, laptops and desktops.

With our client we make a plan. Then we study and draw a design concept. Once approved, we develop, produce and deploy it.

We have developed 3 packages to get you quickly started.


We make use of the latest open source technology and services: