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Communication strategy

Develop your brand voice.

We design and develop communication strategies. We can help your company define a meaningful brand discourse.

Focusing on your offer and your audience, we will create an integrated content publishing strategy for your chosen media channels.

Your brand will develop a voice, a recognisable style, to organically grow a meaningful followers base quickly.

From plan to working product.

Our solutions include everything you need.

At Junglestar we design and develop websites and simple web-apps that work well on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

With our client we make a plan. Then we study and a produce Design Concept. Once approved, we develop, write the code and deploy it. We offer solutions that include everything you’ll need, speed, security, SEO and hosting.

We have prepared 3 packages to get you quickly online.

Building for the Phone Era

Fast, phone-friendly and easy to use.

Today more than 60% of internet traffic originates from mobile devices.

Phone in hand and on the go, users expect your website to be fast, phone-friendly and easy to use. No digging for infos. Streamlined and straight to the point.

It’s an information jungle. User are constantly bombarded. Attention focus is very short. Your business needs to offer a well thought User Experience to compete today.

Today you don't buy software

Pay a developer who can code components together.

Today you pay a developer who can code components together to craft the Customer Experience your business needs.

Flexible enough to help you leverage the Free or Freemium Services, abundant today.

We offer Guidance. We can empower you with modern open source software and show you how easily you can become productive with it.

We packed all tech needed to have an amazing website in 3 convenient packages to get you quickly started.

Open source technology

We pick the best and newest...

We make use of the best and newest Open Source technologies and services: